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31 year experience…

Rehabilitation, Installation and integration of all electronic and telecommunications equipment in the aerodrome environment. From ATC (VCCS, Radios), AWOS, FIDS, Security, Network Ethernet, AFTN / AMHS and Training of local personnel.

Installation and integration

Runways and Taxiways Lights Control, PAPI, signalizing and command, Runway Status Lights (RWSL) System, ILS, VOR, RADAR, NDB, VCCS, AFTN/AMHS, ADS-B, Recorder, Transceivers, etc.

Over 11 aerodromes projects already carried out, some from the scratch, including training to the local technicians.

Hardware and software designed to meet customer needs.

We work under equipment and maintenance contracts.

We are able to work under difficult conditions and hostile environments.

Your partner for the most challenging moments!

Mobile ATC

AWOS - Meteo

RF System


ATC integration

Beacon & Windsock

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